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Sculpt, Paint, Texture

New Features

  • Support for Vector Displacement Map (VDM) brushes for the Draw brush (39f63c8c08)

User Manual

Visit the user manual at

  • The user manual got a major rewrite of many pages. (rBM9824)
  • Individual tool pages were rewritten and restructured. (rBM9839)
  • Additions and rewrites for Editing pages (rBM9885)

This adds:

  • A multi-page Introduction section to sculpting
  • User oriented sorting and more visual examples
  • Fixing various out of date, missing or false information
  • A new page for Expand to explain many use cases

Shortcut Changes

  • The shortcuts Shift R and Shift D to define density in sculpt mode have been remapped to R (3e90390918)

This change was done to prevent shortcut conflicts with Redo. Based on community feedback, not only this improves consistency across Blender, but the benefits of being able to redo certain operations outweigh the muscle memory adjustment.

This change affects the Voxel Remesher, Dynamic Topology and the Hair Density brush.