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Optical Center in motion tracking

The internal storage of the optical center has been changed in the 7dea18b3aa.

The change allows to change the underlying movie clip resolution (for example, when going from 4K footage to manual 2K proxy) without loosing the non-frame-centered optical center. This effectively fixes an issue when changing the media file would reset the optical center to the frame center.

On a user interface the optical center is now refered in a normalized space: coordinate (0, 0) corresponding to the frame center, (-1, -1) the left bottom frame corner, (1, 1) is the top right frame corner. Another change in the interface is the removed Set Principal to Center button. Such dedicated button is not needed anymore since backspace on the optical center properties will do just that.


  • Sequence transform has a new filtering mode "Nearest (3x3)". This mode will use "Nearest" filtering when working in the sequencer, but during rendering it will perform a 3x3 sub-sampling, improving the quality of the final image.
  • Copy drivers when strips are duplicated or pasted 4e9c6929c1.
  • Added "Update Scene Strip Frame Range" operator 90e9406866.