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  • It is now possible to create many scene strips at once. 27970e4b8b
  • Support to render meta strip as one video. Previously, a video was generated per scene in the meta strip.

New: VDM Brush Baker

A new add-on to easily create VDM brushes has been added. Previously available as part of a demo file.

New: 3DS I/O

Support for importing and exporting the legacy 3ds format is back since it is still used by many applications and was missed by many Blender users. (PR#104493)

Animations and almost all 3ds definitions can be imported and exported. (2dc2c1c3e4, 6525a57a32, febc4b4433, 859a2c1b9a)

All backporting changes are listed in the commit details.

Collection Manager

Ported the QCD Move Widget to solely use the gpu API for drawing, replacing the deprecated bgl API. (be6cbe0222)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the QCD Move Widget not dragging. (14595effe5)
  • Fixed an error when toggling off the only QCD slot that contains the active object. (bee6a356c6)
  • Fixed an error when restoring disabled objects. (06328e8aea)