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Pipeline, Assets & I/O


  • It is now possible to use relative path when importing assets.
  • The option exists in the Preferences per asset library (5d0595fded).

Stanford PLY

  • New C++ based PLY importer and exporter (43e9c900, 6c6edaf5, 48496f14). About 4x-20x faster export, 8x-30x faster import compared to the Python addon. It also fixes and improves some things:
    • Importing point clouds with vertex colors now works
    • Importing PLY files with non standard line endings
    • Exporting multiple objects (previous exporter didn't take the vertex indices into account)
    • The importer has the option to merge vertices
    • The exporter supports exporting loose edges and vertices along with UV map data
    • Vertex colors can be treated as either sRGB or Linear color space.
    • Importer supports models that use "tristrips" element instead of "face".


  • Path Mask import option now supports multiple primitive paths (239af1705d).
  • Author opacityThreshold USD Preview Surface material attribute when exporting USD (3c74575dac).
  • Fixed incorrect texture alpha mapping when exporting USD Preview Surface materials (109c1b92cd).
  • New Prim Path USD export option to add a root transform primitive to the stage (42342124f8).
  • Set emissiveColor USD Preview Surface material input when exporting USD (ce83b26a33).
  • Fixed bug creating duplicate shader nodes when importing USD (74b5e62d2a).
  • New Curves/Hair Export Support (1164976dd8).


glTF 2.0



  • Big animation refactoring (8dfe73800d)
  • Export right materials when changed by modifiers (8b57a74629)
  • Fix normal normalization (0920b3e329)
  • Reset sk values when switching sk action (0086ce9d67)
  • Add hook to change primitive attribute order (874240f275)
  • Fix uri encoded, only for uri, not filename (8c77651799)
  • Convert light option was not saved (17f1e4d848)
  • Avoid crash when sequence image (not managed by glTF) (789a200cd7)
  • Fix exporting children of instance collections (932ea1d719)
  • Avoid crash when collision name in attributes (e2b556cbe8)
  • Initialize filter when user saved export preferences (776b4a3a3f)
  • Add a hook for node name (f12999046e)