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User Interface

  • Tabs in the Properties editor show the name of the tab in a tooltip, quicker than the usual tooltips. (1b94e60fb0).
  • Drag & drop inside Blender now supports Esc or RMB to cancel dragging. (d58e422ac3).
  • Hover highlighting of UIList rows. (7216eb8879).
  • Some search boxes are widened if needed, for example if there is a linked scene. (cfb112edcb).
  • Outliner now allows the filtering of Grease Pencil objects. (b558fff5b8).
  • Resetting to defaults, eyedropper, and other operations working correctly in popovers. (c402b3f52f).
  • The "Open Recent" menu list default size increased to 20 items. (19ca2e905e).
  • Fallback font "Noto Emoji" updated with new Unicode 15.0 emojis. (2215ee9358).
  • Color Picker can now adjust position to better fit within available space. (fa13058fa6).
  • Searching for nodes with a slash character in their names works correctly now. (2b565c6bd0).
  • Alt-click support to edit string properties for multiple objects. (43eb3fe21a).
  • Better positioning of text with Measure/Ruler tools. (b367a2b5f9).
  • Clicking the NLA/Graph Editor search box no longer scrolls the items below it. (d1219b727c).
  • Node Editor supports Smooth View. (2f0b166dce).
  • Support operator enums in Quick Favorites. (04d50f4b23).
  • More Context Menus open with last-used option. (eac3d37ab1).
  • Many Operator confirmations can be now be disabled with the "Confirm" checkbox (on by default) in the keymap. (6ae44c4770).

Asset Browser

  • Assets now shows tooltips with the full name and description. (0ee0e8c0d4).

  • Meta-data fields in the sidebar are not shown if blank and read-only. (199c7da06d).
  • Clear Asset now works for all selected assets (20f54a5698).

File Browser

  • File Browser list mode items can now be dragged by the full name, not just by the icon. (c3dfe1e204).
  • File Browser items now have "External" menu for opening and other operations outside of Blender. (694f792ee1).

Platform-Specific Changes

  • MacOS: recently opened/saved files will now show in Dock context menu and in App Expose. (f04a7a07e3).

  • MacOS: double-clicking a blend file will now always load even if Blender loses focus while launching. (ed4374f089).
  • Windows: autofocus child windows on hover. (defd95afcd).
  • Windows: Image Editor can now copy/paste images with other applications. (39bcf6bdc9).

3D Text Objects

  • Text selection by mouse dragging. Word selection by double-click. (68f8253c71).
  • Nicer control and feedback for text styles. (f7ba61d3a6).
  • "To Uppercase" and "To Lowercase" now supports most languages. (e369bf4a6d).
  • Operators to move the cursor to the top and bottom. (6d2351d26b).

Transform Settings

  • Proportional Size can now be set in the Proportional Editing popover (6b5b777ca3).