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Blender 4.0: Corrective Releases

Blender 4.0.2

Released on December 5th 2023, Blender 4.0.2 features 41 bug fixes:

  • Adjust Real Snow addon to Principled BSDF changes #105040
  • Blender 4.0 crashes when trying to render scene strips #114982
  • Boolean behaves as if the object is on it's origin #115715
  • BSurfaces: 'ToolSettings' object has no attribute 'use_snap_project' #105026
  • Compose key sequences includes continuation keys on Wayland #114609
  • Crash deleting tool node group from outliner #115037
  • Crash opening files with particle boid goal objects #115471
  • Crash undoing painting on linked image from 3DView #115140
  • Crash when creating transition from last reiming key #115007
  • Crash when using snap to volume and clipping region #115570
  • Cycles: Avoid long wait times of compile-gpu step fe904e9ff9
  • Draw: Buffers never shrink #114742
  • Edge Crease Doesn't Transfer #115105
  • Error when trying to create texture with VDM Brush Baker #105028
  • FBX IO: Fix import of shape key animations without any keyframes db7a31b51f
  • File selector shrinks on each display under KDEblender/blender#113059
  • Fix "make doc_man" not working 175991df4f
  • Fix Blender 4.01 crash "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" #115144
  • Fix build error on architectures without SSE or sse2neon 641b7808f2
  • Fix rare crashes when reading files with multi-levels of libraries. 6f625cedf1
  • Fix shape_key_remove operator leaves shared normals #115572
  • Fix VSE crash when editing retiming 4d0de9022f
  • FModifier.type enum 'NULL' item was renamed to 'nullptr' #115279
  • ID property's id_type enum is missing the SCREEN type #115151
  • Image Editor - Fill Tool doesn't work as expected #114963
  • Increase thread stack size for musl libc a33d2ce7bf
  • Keyboard layout sometimes ignored on Wayland #115160
  • Man page generation fails with Python error 90d4364b35
  • Man-page fails to build with non-portable installblender/blender#115056
  • Missing normals on first chunk of array modifier #115526
  • OpenGL: Mark Legacy Intel Drivers Unsupported #115228
  • PyAPI: call 'sys.excepthook' for text editor exceptions #115090
  • RMB Select sometimes to enter pose mode when selected #115181
  • Scrollbars for template_lists in popups update issue #115363
  • Sheen renders incorrectly when viewed head on #115206
  • Snap Base in Camera View crashes Blender #115153
  • Snap to face nearest failing with transformed objects #114596
  • Transform operations not working in particle edit mode #115025
  • VSE offset drawing not working 6d324dbaec
  • Workbench: Negative scaled sculpt mesh artifacts #114918
  • Zero-sized curve leads to OptiX error #113325

Blender 4.0.1

Released on November 17th 2023, Blender 4.0.1 features 11 bug fixes:

  • Crash opening old files with text objects #114892
  • Crash when adding specular texture slot in texture paint mode #114848
  • Cycles: MetalRT compilation errors on base M3 MacBook Pros with factory installed OS #114919
  • glTF: Fix regression in image quality option e5ad2e2c16
  • Incorrect display of Rec.1886 and Rec. 2020 view transforms #114661
  • Node Wrangler: Principled Textures Setup emissive texture #104999
  • Sculpt Multires drawing broken with no mask #114841
  • Sequencer: bpy.ops.sequencer.split ignores passed frame #114891
  • User Interface: Keep text field empty for global search #114758
  • Windows: Crash Loading Win32 Quick Access #114855
  • Windows: Invalid reuse of shell_link #114906