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Blender 4.0: Node Editor

Node Panels

  • Node panels feature for node groups and built-in nodes (#108895)
    • Panels can be used to group sockets in a collapsible section. They can be added to node groups and to built-in nodes.
  • Group sockets are managed in new UI tree view together with panels. Drag-and-drop support for ordering sockets and inserting into panels.
  • Node group API has breaking changes, see Python API for details and migration help.


  • The "Make Group" and "Ungroup" operators are no longer available from the add menu. (7c2dc5183d)
  • Node group assets unassigned to any node group are displayed in a separate "No Catalog" add menu submenu. (d2d4de8c71)


  • In Preferences → Editing, a new panel was added to group all Node Editor specific settings (eb57163f).
  • Improvements to Node links to help readability at different zooms and monitor DPI (899d723da8).
  • Node snapping grid no longer changes size with changes to line width (04285c2d0e).