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Blender 4.0: 3D Viewport


  • New preference to toggle fresnel in Edit Mode.
  • Wire Color is now available for all shading modes.
  • Object/mode-specific overlays have been moved into their own popover. (4fa4f5432d)
  • Statistics: Ability to see per-item, and per-selection counts while in Object mode (6e20beba22).

User Interface

  • Canvas selector in the header in paint modes. (3b5df8a7ea)
  • Tool settings headers in the 3D View and Image Editor draw with a fully transparent background (with the region overlap preference enabled) and the theme's region background behind clusters of buttons (55eaa755e3, ff78d33bb4).

  • The 3D Viewport background is now set to single-color in the default theme, since the vignette effect can lead to glitches in certain hardware according to community feedback (eef2b61e9)
  • 3D viewport header can now be made transparent (along with tool header) with theme color alpha change (d308f35896).
  • Tweaks to the Object Types visibility popover (7405993cb7).

  • Status text for modal operators now shown in the Tool Settings bar if visible (ca00c9aa3e).
  • The Options panel accessed in Object mode and Mesh Edit mode has been reorganized. (560e9c654b)


  • Text object selection can now start outside of the text block. Improved selection with text boxes and when on curves (5b3ce7b740).
  • Numpad Return key can add new line while editing Text Objects. (ff6b25a200).
  • Walk Navigation: New modal keymap to adjust jump height (f418e4f648).