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Blender 4.2: Modeling & UV


  • Customizable rotation snap increment added for Transform tool (060174cf14).

UV Editing

  • The Edge and Vert Slide operators have been ported to the UV Editor (aaadb5005e).
  • The Set Snap Base feature (key B ) have been enabled in the UV Editor (a56a975760).
  • The 'Absolute Grid Snap' option has been replaced with a new snap mode: Snap to Grid. (f0479e915f).

Curves Editing

  • Curves edit mode draws evaluated curves and handles now (15dbfe54e4).
  • Support converting curves types (23265a2b6d, 3f2c4db951).
  • New Add menu to insert some primitive curves (549d02637a).
  • New operator to set the handle type for bezier curves (549d02637a).
  • New operator to subdivide curves (548df007a5).
  • New operator to switch direction of curves (6c25c66194).
  • New operator to toggle whether curves are cyclic (d315a6a793).
  • New option to only draw onto selected objects in "project to surface" draw mode (241c19a57a).