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Blender 4.2 LTS: Import & Export

Collection Exporters

File format exporters can now be associated with Collections. One or more exporters can be added and configured in the Collection properties panel. Settings are stored in .blend files for easy sharing and persistence across Blender sessions. (509a7870c3)

This feature streamlines the process of re-exporting the same asset(s) repeatedly. For example when creating glTF assets for a game and iterating on the look, or when using Blender in a studio pipeline to create USD assets.

All collections in the scene can be exported with a single click through the File menu. Additionally, each collection can be exported to multiple file formats simultaneously.


  • The hair curves object type is now supported for both import and export. (ea256346a8, 21db0daa4e)
  • Point cloud import is now supported. (e4ef0f6ff4)
  • Unicode names are now supported on import and are optional for export. Only software using USD 24.03 or greater can support Unicode files. (9ad2c7df0b)
  • New Import options
  • New Export options
    • Filter which types to export (a6a5fd053a)
    • Convert the world shader to a USD dome light (e1a6749b3d)
    • Stage up axis (2415380061)
    • XForm operator convention (36f1a4f94f)
    • Triangulate meshes (b2d1979882)
    • Down-sample exported textures for USDZ (3e73b9caa5)
    • Generate MaterialX network from Blender shader nodes. Supports a subset of all shader nodes and their functionality. (PR#122575)
    • Rename active UV map to st, following USD conventions. This is enabled by default. (eaeb8ba8cd)


  • The hair curves object type is now supported for both import and export. (ea256346a8, b24ac18130)
  • Import multiple files at once. (PR#121492)
  • Fix: Addressed long-standing issue where animated curves would not update during render. (ea256346a8)


glTF is now part of the core add-ons bundle that ships with Blender. (13a3603578)

  • Importer
    • Option to set bone shape + bone shape size (08d43667c8)
    • EEVEE : Use nodes for alpha clipping (b583b6ec39)
    • Remove Eevee legacy blend_method (d9d5597a6c)
    • Implement KHR_animation_pointer (f8368df0c8)
    • Use layout panels instead of PanelTypes (for collection export) (033d552a7b)
  • Exporter
    • New features
      • Option to export Vertex Color even if not use in material node tree (0f0a8df8a9)
      • Implement KHR_animation_pointer (f8368df0c8)
      • Enable collection export (bf2d56e814)
      • Collection export option to export at center of mass of root objects (c6e38d084c)
      • Perf: on 'disable viewport' option, manage drivers too (6a4210ff90)
      • Add profile option (debug) at export (804a276688)
      • EEVEE : Use nodes for alpha clipping (b583b6ec39)
      • EEVEE : backwards compatibility for alpha clipping (8fd9712df9)
      • UDIM for merged channel texture (a71027d37f)
      • Allow float socket (such as alpha) coming from a color socket (c05c08cbff)
    • Fixes


The built-in support for COLLADA is now considered legacy. It will be removed in a future version. (82f9501a4a, 20e4984ad6)


OBJ, PLY, STL importers now default to the Validate Meshes option being on. This makes import process a bit slower, but prevents later crashes in case input files contain malformed data. Validation itself is now 2-3x faster compared to previous versions. (761dd6c923, PR#121413).