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Blender 4.2: Python API & Text Editor

Text Editor

  • Support for GLSL syntax highlighting (462c144f41)

Breaking changes

Render Settings

  • Motion Blur settings have been de-duplicated between Cycles and EEVEE and moved to bpy.types.RenderSettings. (74b8f99b43)
    • scene.cycles.motion_blur_position -> scene.render.motion_blur_position
    • scene.eevee.use_motion_blur -> scene.render.user_motion_blur
    • scene.eevee.motion_blur_position -> scene.render.motion_blur_position
    • scene.eevee.motion_blur_shutter -> scene.render.motion_blur_shutter


  • Unused parent argument removed from the NodeTreeInterface.new_panel function for creating node group panels. (#118792)