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Blender 4.2: User Interface


Large Confirmation

Small Confirmation

Inter Font

Save Theme

Keymap Icons

  • Corrected coloring when hovering inactive UI items. (5bed08fc56)
  • Asset Browser now allows Maximize Area. (2d5a83f294)
  • Changes to Splash Screen for new versions. (d2d810f11a)

Splash Screen Changes

  • Outliner "Blender File" mode now allows managing user counts. (d8f6ae7919)

Outliner File Mode

  • Status Bar now collapses multiple X/Y/Z operations to a more concise format. (49bd285529)

Status Bar Keymap

  • Wavelength node now uses nanometer-scale inputs. (cc541f2c07)
  • All Zoom menus now use a new consistent format. (7e2075b809)

Zoom Menus

Status Bar Keymap

Focus Distance Eyedropper

  • Tooltips for colors featuring large sample and values. (41bbbd2359)

Color tooltips

Unused IDs Purge UI Improvements

The purge operation now pops-up a dialog where user can choose which options to apply, and get instant feedback on the amounts of unused data-blocks will be deleted. PR#117304, 0fd8f29e88

New Purge UI popup


  • It's now possible to add, remove, apply, and reorder modifiers all selected objects by holding alt (9a7f4a3b58),

Platform-Specific Changes

  • Linux: Registering & unregistering file-type associations is now supported on Linux. This can be accessed via the system preferences "Operating System Settings" or via command line arguments (--register, --register-allusers), see --help for details. (9cb3a17352).