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Wed, Mar 20

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) awarded rB726773588cc1: Voxel Remesher: Add remesher parameters to mesh datablock a Love token.
Wed, Mar 20, 9:18 PM

Feb 14 2019

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) added a comment to T61474: Move tool on - lag .

HI, I have the same problem when gizmo is active.
Windows 10
Nvidia gtx 1060 Ti

Feb 14 2019, 9:04 AM · BF Blender

Feb 2 2019

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) added a comment to D3594: New sculpting brush cursor.

Would be possible to hide the cursor when pressure sensitive for size "radius" is enabled, like the strength Pressure sensitive? A little dot or a cross like zbrush or mudbox, I think it would be better and less distracting. Thank you Pablo, you are doing a great job.

Feb 2 2019, 8:13 PM · Sculpting and Painting

Jan 31 2019

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) awarded D4021: Setting for the polybuild tool to automatically create quads a Love token.
Jan 31 2019, 9:59 AM

Jan 4 2019

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) awarded T54963: Industry Compatible Keymap a Love token.
Jan 4 2019, 6:57 PM · User Interface, BF Blender: 2.8, Code Quest

Nov 27 2018

Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) awarded D3617: Workbench: Add Curvature overlay for better visibility of surface detail for e.g. sculpting a Love token.
Nov 27 2018, 11:58 PM
Daniele Viagi (d.viagi) awarded D3594: New sculpting brush cursor a Love token.
Nov 27 2018, 11:55 PM · Sculpting and Painting