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Jun 14 2018

Michael Jaksch (Mike44) added a comment to T55474: Blender chrashes by using subdivide smooth.

Sorry, maybe my english is to bad, so I dont really understand what you mean. I cant make a blend file, because when the issue comes, blender froze for a short time and than vanishes. I just kan say, I start with a single point ( by deleting the other three of an plane ) than I use the Skin, Mirror and subdivision surface modifiers, and start modelling by using extruding the point in varios ways. Than i use subdivide smooth ( W the second from above ) several Times to add some mor points vor better modelling, and after 4 or fife Times blender froze for asecond and vanisches.
As I say, my english is not so good, as Iam from Germany

Jun 14 2018, 3:59 PM · BF Blender

Jun 13 2018

Michael Jaksch (Mike44) created T55474: Blender chrashes by using subdivide smooth.
Jun 13 2018, 8:16 PM · BF Blender