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Mon, Oct 28, 2:47 PM (3 w, 2 d)

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Mon, Nov 4

Andrea Monzini (Andrea_Monzini) added a comment to T69323: Remove/Update "Emulate Middle Mouse" preference.

Hello, i am testing the OS-Key as middle-button and it works well in GNU/Linux with GNOME desktop environment but i had to disable the "Window Action Key" in Gnome Tweaks and disable the OS-Key ( super key ) shortcut with the terminal.
Anyway it is very useful, in particular working with a pen/tablet ! Thank you.

Mon, Nov 4, 5:23 PM · User Interface
Andrea Monzini (Andrea_Monzini) awarded rBSd596a6368cc6: Preference: option to use OS-Key to emulate MMB a Like token.
Mon, Nov 4, 4:14 PM