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Fri, Nov 29, 4:36 AM (2 w, 1 d)

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Fri, Nov 29

Cameron Angus (CameronA) added a comment to T68704: Documentation: explain that Blender 2.80 Exporting a textured OBJ with any shader other than Principled BSDF will result in an MTL without map_Kd pointing to texture file.

I wanted to offer a different perspective into why this should be addressed and usable .mtl files should be exported.
I'm using blender in my full colour 3D printing workflow. Because there's no repository of printable colour models, i'm having to transform animation assets into printable files.
In this context i want to have a baked on version of the texture/material and having to manually edit the .mtl seems silly given the power and versatility of blender.
Can we change this from resolved and just add the export of map_Kd "file name" to the .mtl please?

Fri, Nov 29, 5:22 AM · Documentation, Import/Export, Add-ons