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Oct 29 2018, 8:28 PM (103 w, 20 h)

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Sat, Oct 17

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded T73360: Fast highpoly mesh editing a Love token.
Sat, Oct 17, 12:32 AM · Performance, Modeling, BF Blender

Fri, Oct 16

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded T81678: Sample file for pebbles scattering a Like token.
Fri, Oct 16, 10:55 PM · Geometry Nodes

Thu, Oct 15

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded T81744: Improve usability of Group Colors in animation editors a Like token.
Thu, Oct 15, 7:03 PM · Animation & Rigging

Mon, Oct 12

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D9187: Sculpt: Use plasticity for softbody influence a Love token.
Mon, Oct 12, 11:41 PM
Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded T81650: New compositor system proposal a Love token.
Mon, Oct 12, 7:30 PM · VFX & Video, Compositing

Thu, Oct 8

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) added a comment to D7293: Add variability to "Bounce" interpolation.

@Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) The gravity based approach can reach any interpolation of the number based approach. Or in other words the set of curves that the gravity based approach has includes the set of curves of the number based approach.
That means if you have the gravity based curve, then there is no point in having the other, except for a different tweak feeling when setting the values, which is not worth the UI clutter
Also remember it is a rarely used feature, because you can just animate your bounce with a few bezier curves with free handles pointing a bit up and thats always more flexible.
Please don't insist on it further.

@Daniel Stewart (mpc823) I simplified the formula for the gravity bounce. I will post a new desmos graph when I am finished, so you can use that for reference when coding, if you decide that's the way to go.

Thu, Oct 8, 12:26 AM · Animation & Rigging

Wed, Oct 7

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) added a comment to D7293: Add variability to "Bounce" interpolation.

Thank you, Daniel. I did go to the desmos page and adjusted things prior to writing my message, and what I noticed that it does indeed give two different results. That is exactly why I inquired about having both. If one could have a checkbox for 'Gravity Based', or (if no checkbox is allowed) even two bounce interpolations listed in the menu that has the other interpolation types, with one bounce-interpolation indicating that is gravity based, and the other indicating that it is fixed by number of bounces, then this would give the user who has two set keyframes the option to see two different bounce options for the interpolation. What I saw from the desmos page is more options that me or another user could have at the disposal for a bounce interpolation type. If the work has already been done, why keep that from the user? Not everyone wants interpolations that fit reality (as seen for example in pixel art and the NPR community). The same could be true in various situations for bounce interpolations.

Wed, Oct 7, 9:56 PM · Animation & Rigging
Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) added a comment to D7293: Add variability to "Bounce" interpolation.

Love the graphical interpretation of the equations - didn't know about desmos. Looks like there is essentially a tradeoff between either keeping the gravity constant in the proposed scheme or specifying the exact number of bounces in the current scheme. In the constant gravity scheme the last bounce may not be quite right as it has to be cut short in order to correctly fill the space, which may lead to odd-looking animations. On the other hand, a constant number of bounces leads to widely different gravity between two objects if you add another bounce to one of them. In either case, one would have to adjust the second keyframe in order to get the correct look.

I'm open to either approach. I'd be interested to hear what other animators thought the best approach was.

Wed, Oct 7, 4:42 PM · Animation & Rigging

Tue, Oct 6

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D8637: Geometry: display generic attributes in the outliner [WIP prototype] a Love token.
Tue, Oct 6, 7:24 PM

Tue, Sep 29

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D2922: Optical Vignetting and Depth of Field light distribution a Love token.
Tue, Sep 29, 4:16 PM · Cycles

Mon, Sep 28

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D8954: Add Bisect Modifier a Love token.
Mon, Sep 28, 5:21 PM · Modeling, Modifiers

Wed, Sep 23

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D8117: [Scr-ops] Closing any area a Love token.
Wed, Sep 23, 2:36 PM
Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D7946: [Scr-ops] Drag resize operator a Love token.
Wed, Sep 23, 2:35 PM · BF Blender, User Interface

Jun 2 2020

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D7896: New Sky Texture a Love token.
Jun 2 2020, 12:49 AM · Cycles

Apr 28 2020

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D7293: Add variability to "Bounce" interpolation a Love token.
Apr 28 2020, 2:31 AM · Animation & Rigging

Mar 24 2020

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D5344: Blueprint tool a Love token.
Mar 24 2020, 4:34 PM · BF Blender, Modeling

Nov 17 2019

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded T60695: Optimized per-datablock global undo a Like token.
Nov 17 2019, 2:48 AM · BF Blender, Data, Assets & I/O, Performance

Aug 7 2019

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) added a comment to T68347: Cycles Render always crashes on Frame 67 (and presumably on later ones if I were to try them?).

See my comment above. This was not a bug. One of the windows had been changed to edit mode, and that caused the crashing. It has seemed to work with a switch back to object mode.

Aug 7 2019, 9:37 PM · BF Blender
Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) added a comment to T68347: Cycles Render always crashes on Frame 67 (and presumably on later ones if I were to try them?).

This is not a bug. I realized that I had one of the windows in edit mode. When I switched it back to object mode and then tried rendering, I did not get the crash that I was getting earlier. That's my bad. Ignore this issue and close it if it is not closed.

Aug 7 2019, 9:36 PM · BF Blender
Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) created T68347: Cycles Render always crashes on Frame 67 (and presumably on later ones if I were to try them?).
Aug 7 2019, 3:18 AM · BF Blender

May 7 2019

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D4786: Proportional Editing Vertex Gradient a Love token.
May 7 2019, 2:23 AM · Modeling

Dec 18 2018

Paul Larson (GeorgiaPacific) awarded D4071: Window-Manager: Rewrite Drag & Drop System [WIP] a Love token.
Dec 18 2018, 7:40 AM · User Interface