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Fri, Dec 7

Sam Walker (Hexbob6) added a comment to T56950: UI Paper Cuts (Parent Task).

Hi there, I've noticed in Sculpt Mode that there is a warning dialog that displays when enabling Dynotopo:

Whilst the information is useful, having it display each time and having to click the 'ok' button I feel is frustrating and detrimental to the UX. There have been multiple instances where I have immediately dragged my cursor away from the box and looked elsewhere, not noticing (and forgetting!) that the box would display, and as a result started sculpting without Dynotopo, and wondering why my mesh resolution isn't increasing!

Fri, Dec 7, 1:10 AM · User Interface, BF Blender: 2.8
Sam Walker (Hexbob6) created T58902: "Texture Paint" Workspace causes Traceback Error Popup.
Fri, Dec 7, 12:32 AM · BF Blender: 2.8

Tue, Dec 4

Sam Walker (Hexbob6) created T58668: Selecting/editing multiple values at once in properties panel causes misalignment.
Tue, Dec 4, 12:04 AM · BF Blender, User Interface