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Feb 8 2019, 3:22 PM (36 w, 3 d)

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May 16 2019

John Malcolm (JohnMalcolm1970) created T64691: Ngons + Subdivision modifier causing massive performance issues.
May 16 2019, 9:42 AM · BF Blender

Apr 26 2019

John Malcolm (JohnMalcolm1970) added a comment to T63868: The brush mode depends on the angle of the camera when sculpting from a tablet.

I'm following this because I was involved in a discussion about this on Blenderartists. I am on Windows 10, 64 bit and using the same HUION drivers as the bug reporter. I was unable to reproduce his issue on several 2.8 builds. Everything worked as expected. I have a different Huion tablet though. After a lifetime of Wacom use :p

Apr 26 2019, 1:47 PM · BF Blender

Feb 8 2019

John Malcolm (JohnMalcolm1970) added a comment to T57305: 3D Mouse (NDOF) frozen in Camera view w/ lock view to camera (WIN32+64).

I came to report this one, but found this already listed as a bug. Windows 10 64 bit. Using the latest version of the 3DConnexion drivers that still supports the old Space Pilot device. I was having trouble flying my camera in Fly/Walk navigation mode. Movement slows to a crawl near the scene origin. I thought I'd try moving the camera using Lock Camera to View instead, but ran into this issue. Like others I can see that there is some movement, but it's insignificant. While googling around I found T28373 from 2011. Sure enough, when I tried the same thing in Blender 2.79 is worked flawlessly. I'd love to see this fixed in 2.8.

Feb 8 2019, 3:32 PM · Platform: Windows, BF Blender