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Tue, Oct 8, 6:52 PM (1 w, 5 d)

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Fri, Oct 11

Reuben Unicruz (ReubenUnicruz) closed T70651: A.N.T. Landscape addon options menu crashing as Resolved.

hi, I've tested this in blender 2.81 alpha and there's no issue here. I create the mesh then test all the settings and presets. If you click off the menu it will close. To Edit the mesh again you need to Use the Sidebar Create Tab Landscape panels, which give you options to recreate or edit. If you prefer the Operator panel in the 3d view, you can delete the landscape mesh and Add > Mesh > Landscape to add a new landscape and it should have the same settings. (tested Working) Saving your landscape as a preset also works.
Does this help or can you tell more about your error? Is there an error printed in the console?

Fri, Oct 11, 2:42 AM · Add-ons

Tue, Oct 8

Reuben Unicruz (ReubenUnicruz) created T70651: A.N.T. Landscape addon options menu crashing.
Tue, Oct 8, 6:59 PM · Add-ons