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Oct 26 2017

Elon Basson (Spoopy) added a comment to T53126: Blender crashes / stops complete system.

Just dropping a comment to verify a similar issue with branched with volume rendering. Render dies at 256 samples on volume, giving "CUDA error: Launch failed in cuCtxSynchronize(), line 1372" on a simple scene. The volume uses a musgrave node on Volume Scatter on a Add Shader with Absorption in a Cornell Box scene. As Brecht said, it dies after 2 seconds. Using 4GB GTX Geforce 1050 Ti.

Oct 26 2017, 9:09 AM · BF Blender

Sep 21 2017

Elon Basson (Spoopy) created T52864: Sculpting artifacts after undo.
Sep 21 2017, 1:27 PM · Sculpting and Painting

Aug 12 2017

Elon Basson (Spoopy) created T52365: Random vertex selections.
Aug 12 2017, 6:45 AM · BF Blender