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Nov 24 2019, 7:16 PM (9 w, 18 h)

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Tue, Jan 14

Takuya Sawatari (Takuya) added a comment to T73123: Eevee Reflection Plane glitches when zoomed into and fades the edges of the view while doing so as well (2.8x).

Actually I was just preparing to report this issue. This happens when using a reflection plane while also having screen space reflections enabled. The problem disappears if screen space reflections are disabled.
One workaround I found is increasing the camera's "Clip start" distance. In my case it happened with the default clip start of 0.1, but disappeared when it was increased to 0.5.

Tue, Jan 14, 9:09 PM · EEVEE & Viewport, Rendering, Eevee, BF Blender

Nov 24 2019

Takuya Sawatari (Takuya) created T71865: Separating mesh parts breaks shape keys.
Nov 24 2019, 7:34 PM · Modeling, BF Blender