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Sat, Mar 21, 6:25 AM (1 w, 3 d)

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Sat, Mar 21

Yoshi Askharoun (YoshiAsk) added a comment to T53908: Fbx export: random, weird bones rotation artefact.

I was reading this ancient post about FBX import/export in Blender, and it mentions "FBX bones are not aligned along the same axis as Blender bones (former are along -X axis I think, while later are along +Y axis)".
If this was never fixed, it might be what's causing the weirdness displayed in the previous sreenshot

Sat, Mar 21, 6:31 AM · Import/Export, Add-ons
Yoshi Askharoun (YoshiAsk) added a comment to T74947: Importing a FBX will result in very small strange rotation values..

Could you please post both the BLEND and FBX files you are using?

Sat, Mar 21, 6:27 AM · Import/Export, Add-ons