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May 16 2018, 2:50 AM (66 w, 4 d)

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May 17 2018

Ali Jaya Meilio LIE (alijaya) awarded D1918: T47169 Improve Curve extrude a Like token.
May 17 2018, 3:22 AM

May 16 2018

Ali Jaya Meilio LIE (alijaya) added a watcher for Quick Hacks: Ali Jaya Meilio LIE (alijaya).
May 16 2018, 3:38 AM
Ali Jaya Meilio LIE (alijaya) added a comment to T47169: Improve Curve extrude.

Hi, I just want to make sure, so we need to implement this operator in C code right? And for the operation behaviour, there's something that's not clear.
Is it only working for continuous selection or it can work in any condition? If we select disjoint selection, what will happen? And should be the edge produced by the extrude be straight, or it keeps the handle like before, or there's some adjustment for the handle?
From the python code above, I can see that he use subdivision operator to create a new node, and if I remember correctly, the subdivision change the handle position. I wonder if it's a wanted behaviour.

May 16 2018, 3:36 AM · Quick Hacks