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Jan 5 2020, 12:37 PM (66 w, 4 d)

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Mon, Mar 22

Giampaolo (joaulo) added a comment to T86795: EEVEE Render Glitch.

Don't know if it is the same problem but I also have white pixels in my scene:

It get worse with Camera DoF:

Here is a simple file to reproduce the issue:

I have this problem in all Blender versions 2.80->2.92.
I'm on Linux Debian 11, Nvidia GTX 1060.

Mon, Mar 22, 4:15 PM · EEVEE & Viewport, BF Blender
Giampaolo (joaulo) added a watcher for EEVEE & Viewport: Giampaolo (joaulo).
Mon, Mar 22, 12:07 PM