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May 3 2018

Martins Upitis (martinsh) added a comment to T54389: Blender Interactive Mode Outline.

As much as I love BGE for its quirks and fact that Blender had a game engine, I believe the 'Interactive Mode' is a logical step in right direction for Blender. imho it will be one of the main Blender 2.8x features in long run.
One thing Blender Interactive needs is a native VR support. Especially now when VR is going mainstream, Blender will be a killer app for game content creators. For that, a stable framerate of 45fps-90fps is a must. Now Eevee currently favors quality over performance so renderer has to be optimized for "eevee interactive" preset. Probably with upcoming hardware support for real time raytracing (NVIDIA RTX & Radeon ProRender) it should be possible without sacrificing too much quality.

May 3 2018, 11:44 AM · BF Blender