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Say Something. Say Anything.


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May 18 2021, 12:08 PM (28 w, 6 d)

I’m sitting down at lunch eating my bowl of soup while reading the paper, when in walks a beautiful young woman. She reminds me of a younger Eva Mendes. She is stunning.

She sits down at the table next to me. I continue reading my paper while glancing at her every now and then. I begin to notice her glancing in my direction. I should say something.

She glances over again. Is she looking at me? What else could she be looking at? I’m the only one sitting on this side of her. Maybe she is attracted to me. Maybe she wants me to talk to her. I really should talk to her.

I continue reading my newspaper. I am not sure what I am thinking. What do I have to lose. This whole situation is the reason why I study seduction in the first place. After all, what good is it to call myself a seduction artist when I can’t even talk to a beautiful woman who keeps looking at me. I’m going to say something. I’m going to talk to her right now.

I turn my head towards her. She looks over at me and smiles. My mouth drops open as I am about to speak. Nothing comes out.

She’s still looking at me, waiting. My mind is blank. Somehow I’ve forgotten the concept of language. I close my mouth and just smile back, as I turn my head back towards the newspaper.

I can feel her disappointment. I can feel my disappointment. All I had to do was say something, say anything. It would have been better than nothing. I know better than this. It is time for another change in my game.

From this day forth I will make it my goal to talk to one new woman each day. I don’t have to get into a long involved conversation with them, I just need to say something; I just need to anything!

The time and place for seduction is not two nights a week at some bar or club. The time for seduction is ANY TIME. The place for seduction is EVERYWHERE.

I finish my soup and get up to leave. As I’m exiting the store, another young woman is walking in. I stop and hold the door for her.

As she walks in I say, “Hi.”

“Hi.” she replies with a smile.

I continue on back to work feeling better already.

So many PUA are so enthralled with working mad tight game ALL the time. It ain’t about running the same dialouges over and over again, unless that’s what you want. It’s all about just being comfortable talking with people in general. The guy on the subway, the lady in the park, anyone. Then the suave demeanor will follow.

You’re aware of it, and that makes all the difference.

The next time you see a girl so beautiful you forget what to say, try this.

“I. Um. I forgot what I was gonna say. Hi.”

I’ve been doing this a LOT lately as I’m getting less smooth and more real… and damn, if you feel it, it’s the highest compliment you can pay to a girl to just look in her eyes and NOT have any smooth lines ready.

That’s the real movie moment. No words at all. Just look.

Your balls are growing… don’t worry.