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Mon, Nov 12

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB3b9700aa5171: Remove AnimMapper: it has been left unimplemented for almost ten years. a Orange Medal token.
Mon, Nov 12, 9:30 PM

Fri, Nov 9

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB3064da1200a9: Keymap: move builtin keymaps from C to Python a Like token.
Fri, Nov 9, 11:03 PM

Tue, Nov 6

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBf600b4bc6766: Shrinkwrap: new mode that projects along the target normal. a 100 token.
Tue, Nov 6, 9:58 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB798cdaeeb692: Implement an Armature constraint that mimics the modifier. a Orange Medal token.
Tue, Nov 6, 9:54 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBfee6ab18e7e9: BLI_heap: implement a limited but faster version of heap. a Like token.
Tue, Nov 6, 9:52 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB721a484ccb3c: BLI_kdopbvh: reduce branching in calc_nearest_point_squared. a Like token.
Tue, Nov 6, 9:49 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBa70589e439b3: BLI_heap: optimize heap_swap, heap_down and heap_up. a Like token.
Tue, Nov 6, 9:48 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded D3594: New sculpting brush cursor a 100 token.
Tue, Nov 6, 7:53 PM · Sculpting and Painting

Sun, Oct 28

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBe58c6cf0c678: Cycles: Added Cryptomatte output. a Evil Spooky Haunted Tree token.
Sun, Oct 28, 9:30 PM

Wed, Oct 24

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB91c6beb28ab9: Cleanup: Remove unused modifiers callback a Grey Medal token.
Wed, Oct 24, 11:36 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB6e3a9b9313a2: Subsurf: Remove edit mesh modifier callbacks a Like token.
Wed, Oct 24, 11:35 PM

Oct 19 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBa30c9f710a64: Partial revert '#if 0' cleanup a Dislike token.
Oct 19 2018, 1:19 PM

Oct 18 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB41216d5ad4c7: Cleanup: Remove more #if 0 blocks a Dat Boi token.
Oct 18 2018, 9:44 PM

Oct 5 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB50cb8013ebf8: UI: rename overlay: Ornaments -> Extras a Love token.
Oct 5 2018, 7:17 PM

Oct 3 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB2d21eb79ad48: Units: Support for fixed units a Orange Medal token.
Oct 3 2018, 8:55 PM

Sep 27 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB0b4c440baa56: UI: add first batch of monochrome icons designed by Andrzej Ambroz. a 100 token.
Sep 27 2018, 9:55 PM

Sep 26 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB0666ece2e2f9: Cloth: Collision improvements a Like token.
Sep 26 2018, 9:39 PM

Sep 23 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB38402e7fdd34: Remove last traces of game engine and blenderplayer a Like token.
Sep 23 2018, 10:25 AM

Sep 19 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded T54963: Industry Compatible Keymap a Burninate token.
Sep 19 2018, 10:10 PM · User Interface, BF Blender: 2.8, Code Quest

Sep 18 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBbf2a54b0584c: Support evaluating simple driver expressions without Python interpreter. a Like token.
Sep 18 2018, 8:32 PM

Sep 15 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded T56648: Blender 2.8: Naming Conventions a 100 token.
Sep 15 2018, 9:57 AM · User Interface, BF Blender: 2.8

Sep 2 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBb6f0f8a5b5a4: Cloth: Implement angular bending springs a Like token.
Sep 2 2018, 10:34 PM

Aug 29 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB73f205605294: Cycles: Add BVH8 and packeted triangle intersection a 100 token.
Aug 29 2018, 8:18 PM

Aug 26 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB0ba3a1a6863a: Sculpt: Optimize Mask Overlay drawing a Like token.
Aug 26 2018, 1:03 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBb8c9df6f2158: Compositor: Added Weighted Standard Curve evaluation a Like token.
Aug 26 2018, 1:00 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBbd7e14f48c05: Cleanup: remove unused code a Burninate token.
Aug 26 2018, 12:58 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB4de7c0c3105a: Compositor: Film-like curve a 100 token.
Aug 26 2018, 12:53 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB9600b23eaa9b: Viewport: add default set of HDRI images. a Y So Serious token.
Aug 26 2018, 12:30 PM
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB52d75d51276f: Overlay: Add support for per object wirefram options a Love token.
Aug 26 2018, 12:27 PM

Aug 14 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBe6af1e447871: Cleanup: remove unused theme color functions using legacy GL. a Like token.
Aug 14 2018, 8:41 PM

Aug 13 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rBefd44f8480b6: Cleanup: GPU codegen: remove most of legacy code a Like token.
Aug 13 2018, 11:55 PM

Jul 31 2018

Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded rB66da2f537ae8: New Grease Pencil object for 2D animation a Like token.
Jul 31 2018, 7:58 PM

Mar 1 2015

Tema Lavrov (shader) updated subscribers of T38401: Metropolis Sampling.
Mar 1 2015, 4:11 PM · BF Blender, Cycles

Oct 27 2014

Tema Lavrov (shader) updated subscribers of T42406: Strange "Quad View" behavior.
Oct 27 2014, 10:27 AM · BF Blender

Oct 26 2014

Tema Lavrov (shader) added a comment to T42406: Strange "Quad View" behavior.

Hello. Thanks for quick response.

Oct 26 2014, 6:23 PM · BF Blender
Tema Lavrov (shader) awarded T42406: Strange "Quad View" behavior a Love token.
Oct 26 2014, 5:29 PM · BF Blender
Tema Lavrov (shader) created T42406: Strange "Quad View" behavior.
Oct 26 2014, 5:28 PM · BF Blender

Apr 28 2014

Tema Lavrov (shader) reopened T39929: Walk navigation speed resets after application restart as "Open".
Apr 28 2014, 6:54 AM · BF Blender