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Aug 27 2019, 11:19 AM (7 w, 1 d)

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Aug 27 2019

Smári (smarimc) closed T69205: Crash on Context.Material->New as Resolved.
Aug 27 2019, 6:44 PM · BF Blender
Smári (smarimc) added a comment to T69205: Crash on Context.Material->New.

I see this is similar to T64864. Switching to the Nvidia drivers was a fix. Probably shouldn't crash like that though ─ surely a softer failure mode would be better. Thanks for the help!

Aug 27 2019, 6:44 PM · BF Blender
Smári (smarimc) created T69205: Crash on Context.Material->New.
Aug 27 2019, 11:28 AM · BF Blender