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Jul 3 2020, 8:46 AM (41 w, 3 d)

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Sun, Apr 4

Swayamjeet Swain (swain) added a comment to T84815: Missing preview image in compositing file output node.

Hi, I am starting my journey to contribute to Blender and got curious about this issue as it would help me understand the inner working of nodes. I have recreated this issue and have been going through the code.
From my understanding the File Output node's preview should behave in the same way as Viewer node does. In, I see converter.addNodeInputPreview being used the same way as in the but it doesn't seem to work in the former. In the Viewer node we are passing just the image socket to it, while in File Output node we are looping through and passing the inputs. Is this what should be done if we have just Png format instead of OpenEXR and there is only one input image socket?
I need to go a bit deeper into NodeConverter class and NodeOperation. The comments do help but where can I find more about them.

Sun, Apr 4, 11:17 AM · Good First Issue, VFX & Video, Compositing, BF Blender