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Stephan Seitz (theHamsta)


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Feb 18 2020, 1:50 PM (5 w, 6 d)

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Sun, Mar 22

Stephan Seitz (theHamsta) created D7212: Cleanup: Suppress warning about float-to-int conversion in editors/interface/view2d.c.
Sun, Mar 22, 9:43 AM
Stephan Seitz (theHamsta) updated Stephan Seitz (theHamsta).
Sun, Mar 22, 9:39 AM

Thu, Mar 19

Stephan Seitz (theHamsta) added a comment to D7175: Silence clang warning about copying `GridBase::Ptr` in ``.

btw, here is the warning:

../source/blender/blenkernel/intern/ note: use reference type 'const openvdb::GridBase::Ptr &' (aka 'const shared_ptr<openvdb::v5_2::GridBase> &') to prevent copying
  for (const openvdb::GridBase::Ptr vdb_grid : vdb_grids) {
Thu, Mar 19, 11:38 AM

Wed, Mar 18

Stephan Seitz (theHamsta) created D7175: Silence clang warning about copying `GridBase::Ptr` in ``.
Wed, Mar 18, 11:01 PM