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Wed, Sep 9, 12:41 AM (1 w, 3 d)

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Wed, Sep 9

Tom Son (tomson) added a comment to T71930: Blender Game Engine missing in 2.80+.

I'm still working with Blender 2.79 BGE. think the Blender team has made a terrible mistake. Previously this software was wonderful for all content creators, I even cut videos with it. Never was there a question like "hm there are better programs to do X out there, let's remove X". Instead the tools simply improved, gradually, and became among the best. Yes not everyone creates games, and not everyone creates movies, but please don't castrate Blender just because you are a developer just interested in one aspect of Blender.
UPBGE now looks promising and has a lot of maintainers, I hope the Blender team will be smart enough to merge it back at some point. Not having to export content for a game engine can save so much time if you are working on a game in a small team!

Wed, Sep 9, 1:18 AM · Add-ons (BF-Blender), Game Engine, BF Blender