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BF Blender (2.83)

Blender 2.83 release.

PhaseDescriptionStart DateBranch
Bcon1New features and changesJanuary 9, 2020master
Bcon2Improve and stabilizeMarch 18, 2020master
Bcon3Bug fixing onlyApril 15, 2020blender-v2.83-release
Bcon4Prepare releaseMay 13, 2020blender-v2.83-release
Bcon5ReleaseMay 20, 2020blender-v2.83-release

note dates from bcon2 on have been moved 6 days up from Thursdays to Wednesdays.

Information about the release cycle and of Bcon phases

All the dates presented here were discussed on weekly developer meetings and are subject to changes.

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