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BF Blender (2.90)

Blender 2.90 release.

PhaseDescriptionStart DateBranch
Bcon1New features and changesApril 15, 2020master
Bcon2Improve and stabilizeJune 24, 2020master
Bcon3Bug fixing onlyJuly 22, 2020blender-v2.90-release
Bcon4Prepare releaseAugust 19, 2020blender-v2.90-release
Bcon5ReleaseAugust 26 20, 2020blender-v2.90-release

note dates from bcon2 onwards have been moved two weeks due to the bug fixing sprint.

Information about the release cycle and of Bcon phases

All the dates presented here were discussed on weekly developer meetings and are subject to changes.

User Interface:

  • Modifiers new layout / drag & drop
  • Statistics
  • Cursors (and tools) final design (team is not focusing on that, postponed)


  • Fast mesh editing T73360 (not the entire milestone)
  • UV Editing polishing (UV-rip, ...).
  • Add Object Tool polishing. (postponed to 2.91)
  • Polishing other tools.

Python & Add-ons:

  • No API breakage.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture:

  • Multires wrapping up. (baking postponed)
  • Technical debts

Animation & Rigging:

  • Performance
  • Bug fixing.

Nodes & Physics:

  • Particles nodes as experimental feature - won’t be production ready
  • Initial point cloud support (experimental so it doesn't matter)
  • OpenVDB integration with mantaflow (needs log)
  • Mantaflow usability polishing (postponed)

VFX & Video:

  • Distortion model.
  • Compositor - bug fixing.
  • VSE - bug fixing but no refactor.

EEVEE & Viewport:

  • Motion blur.
  • Stereoscopy polishing.
  • Point cloud rendering (moved to experimental).
  • Vulkan groundwork (GL encapsulation, cleanups). [doesn't block]
  • Fix MacOS volume drawing.

Data, Assets & I/O:

  • Alembic refactor.
  • USD exporter improvements.
  • Library overrides - Milestone 1 About 90% done, remaining parts of this milestone will be for 2.91.

Grease Pencil:

  • Annotation arrows.
  • Blocking and 3d-2d pipeline. (SVG I/O postponed to 2.91)

Render & Cycles:

  • Embree.
  • OIDN.
  • Sampling patches. (postponed to 2.91)
  • Other smaller patches.

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