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What is libmv?
libmv, also known as the Library for Multiview Reconstruction (or LMV), is the computer vision backend for Blender's motion tracking abilities. Unlike other vision libraries with general ambitions, libmv is focused on algorithms for match moving, specifically targeting Blender as the primary customer. Dense reconstruction, reconstruction from unorganized photo collections, image recognition, and other tasks are not a focus of libmv.


Note as of 5/2015: Previous libmv sites are deprecated (Google Code & GitHub); this page and are now the official home of libmv.

libmv is officially under the Blender umbrella, and so is developed on The source repository can get checked out independently from Blender.

To clone Libmv sources as read-only use:

git clone git://

To clone as read-write (needs ssh key):

git clone

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