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Movie Distortion node details

Authored by Shubham Gupta (shubham0209) on Apr 21 2016, 9:31 PM.

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Still new here and having troubles uploading image. Can anyone guide me how to?

Thanks, this is a nice start. Only text files are supported for uploading here so just upload them in a comment.

Some things to make it consistent with the rest of the manual:


   The distort setting of Distort is used to distort the image received, and is usually used for rendered images.


  Used to distort the image received, and is usually used for rendered images.

Making it more consistent, removing some small mistakes

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@Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) Ok. Now, I am confused. How exactly is documentation updated? I thought we upload a diff file and it will get reviewed and then we can upload it. But you set me only as the reviewer

I updated the diff the only remaining thing is the todo. You can commandeer the revision back in the action menu above the comment area.

Now, I cant update the diff

Only the author can update the diff. (This is why I commandeered it) However, I can not give ownership to you, therfore you will have to take it (commandeer it yourself).

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Updated the todo

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Wow. It got updated in the documentation. @Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) thank you for you help. Sorry, if I troubled you. I am new here.

That is fine I myself had the same issues half a year ago. Looking forward to your future work.