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Cycles: Add support for float4 textures on OpenCL.

Authored by Thomas Dinges (dingto) on May 9 2016, 5:06 PM.



Title says it all, this adds OpenCL float4 texture support.

There is a bug in the code still, I get a "Out of ressources error" on nvidia hardware here, not sure whats wrong yet.
Will investigate further, but maybe someone else has an idea. :)

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I can't see the bug that would cause that error, but some comments.


This could be a single info array, no if/else needed? Since the ids don't overlap.


I would try to deduplicate the code for different types more in this function.


This is missing code for floats.

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  • Adress review comments. (Well, code can still be de-duplicated a bit, but I first have to check on this more carefully, with e.g. templating.) Can be done later too.
  • Fixed the bug, the info texture wasn't large enough, only contained the amount of textures available, which was good enough for byte4 only, but now we need the entire range.
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