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T49347 part two

Authored by Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) on Sep 16 2016, 10:06 AM.



also draw edge bevel weights when in SCE_SELECT_VERTEX mode

this is more consistent with edge crease/seam/sharp/freestyle .. (which all draw in SCE_SELECT_VERTEX mode as well)

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Hi Jonathan & Julian, adding you as reviewers here because you had a look at D2234: T49347 part one and if we get a decission on this we can close T49347: Color for edges with bevel weight same as selected edges color...
Thanx for having a lookin advance!

Any update on this? Also, if accepted, how can one know in which stable release this will be integrated? I'm not a developer so I'm not sure where to look for this :p

@Vilko Lafliksyon (Eranekao): this still waits for review... no garuantuee it will end up in master.
@reviewers: got a minute to check on this? thanx in advance...

@Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) I know this, my question was rather: IF it does, where am I going to be able to see that? Is there somewhere on this page where it will be written to what stable version it made it to? I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask this kind of question, but AFAIK there's no forum discussing the bugtracker itself nor anyway to send PMs...

@Vilko Lafliksyon (Eranekao): once this is committed, you'll see a message here [something like "Closed by commit ... "]
(you can then update&build immedialtely after or use builbot builds the day after or the official/stable release after this commit)
Does this answer your question?

Yes! Thank you! I thought that once committed there were still significant chances it might not make it to a stable release.

This is resolved in 2.8