Cycles Denoising: Part 1: Preparation changes

Authored by Lukas Stockner (lukasstockner97) on Mar 31 2017, 2:18 AM.



These changes don't affect behaviour at all, but are needed later.

They include:

  • New approach of handling CPU kernel entry points (needed since the filter has a lot of kernels)
  • Dedicated control over tile highlighting (needed to re-highlight tiles when they're being denoised)
  • Renaming the PATH_TRACE task (it will handle both path tracing and denoising later)
  • Device-only memory: Already used in the split kernel, now a separate class
  • Several changes in the kernel to improve numerical stability and prevent NaNs

Diff Detail

Only did a quick look right now, will look over the rest later. I like the changes to how kernels are handled.


What will happen if the architecture is changed in the debug panel?


split_kernel is leaked here.


No KERNEL_STUB for this?

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This didn't make it to split kernel.

Thanks for the initial review, should all be fixed now.

What is the reason for moving N from the specific BSDFs to all of them? Hair and transparent do not have a valid normal, and since they are not really meaningful in those cases it seems better not to have them at all, so that they can't be used accidentally.

Edit: seems this is needed for D2591.


This is not strictly thread safe, we support running multiple render sessions at the same time. With a const char* instead of a string it should be safe enough though.

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I'm not sure what this does, I can't tell what kind of difference this makes even assuming there are NaNs.

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Addressed review.

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Just a rebase, no real changes.