Cycles: change defaults for filter glossy, clamp and branched path AA.

Authored by Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) on Aug 3 2017, 2:24 PM.



We're adding some bias by default, which now I think is the right thing
to from a usability point of view. You really need to use those options
anyway to get clean renders in a practical time.

Also fixes AA samples defaults for branched path to match path.

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I don't think there is a good non-arbitrary default for clamp values besides leaving them disabled. In a scene using real world values for sun and sky for instance a clamp of 10 is very low and very notiable on lighting quality. This conflicts with the intention of the filmic transforms, and so I think it would be better to leave the defaults for clamping as is to avoid more issues in that area.

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The fact is though that if you open almost any production .blend, it will have clamping enabled. If you have a sufficiently complex scene there will always be some places where there is too much noise. Note that PRMan, Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift, etc. are all clamping by default too.

I don't like it and wish we could get the noise under control to a point where this isn't needed, but for now I think clamping is the right default. Using 10 only for indirect light is still high enough that in most cases you won't notice much difference also when using Filmic.

Well, you have to compromise somewhere. Maybe we should make it clear in the mouse over text that any values other than 0.0 for clamp and glossy blur introduce bias? Maybe additional presets?

Anyhow, 10 for indirect should be fine for most applications in my experience. Clamp direct is a different story, that can get ugly with specular highlights and motion blur or DOF.

I don't like it, but I'm not going to hold this up. Maybe add a note to the manual?

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