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Tracking: Blend transform offset when manually re-positioning track
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Authored by Sergey Sharybin (sergey) on Aug 4 2017, 5:44 PM.



The idea is to avoid sudden jumps of track path when artists detects track got
slided away from the feature and one re-positions track back. Currently this
happens in the transform operator. We do linear blending between new position of
modified marker and old markers positions up to next/previous keyframe.

Still some TODOs in the code, mainly related on usability. This we are going
to study with @Sean Kennedy (hype).

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rB Blender
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Build 750: arc lint + arc unit

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Just tried it and it helps a lot!

Anyone have a build for Windows I could test? :)

@Sean Kennedy (hype), just finished building and uploading:

Unfortunately, don't have any footage on this machine, so i just hope it all works :)

Awesome, thanks! Will test this weekend!

Working great when using G to move around the marker, and also works with arrow key nudging after pressing G.

However, it does NOT update when adjusting the marker position with the mouse in the main MCE viewport or in the marker zoom window.

Would that be possible? Are there any other ways to move a marker I'm not thinking of?

I'm happy to test this if there's any updates and an updated Windows build.

It's an interesting feature. But I would want to be able to set the amount of frames that are blended and also to be able to turn it off. I think it could also be an extra operator with separate shortcut, or maybe a mod to G (like the operator modes of knife tools). Or it could be a mode to enable, like proportional editing.

Interesting idea, being able to set the amount of frames. Right now I believe it works between keyframes, which is how a typical matchmover works in their daily tracking work. I prefer the keyframe way myself, since it's very easy to simply set a keyframe on the last good frame, then go to where the drift is at it's worst and adjust it. If we do add the amount of frames option, let's please still retain the current functionality, as well. I do also like the idea of it being a mode to enable, or even just a checkbox to turn it on or off, so you definitely know when you are in refining mode.

Any more work done on this lately, has it been added to trunk and I missed it? And will it be ported to 2.8? Still looking forward to having this feature!

Can we please have this added for 2.81?

Probably not. Is better to re-implement this in a way which uses more generic proportional editing (we've discussed it with Sebastian here during the last training).

Perhaps we can all go over it together at the Conf? I'm very excited for this feature and would like to hear what you guys had in mind.