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Add Beckmann specular shader to the Blender internal rendering engine

Authored by Alexander F Rødseth (xyproto) on Sep 11 2017, 2:55 PM.



Beckmann is a specular shader that looks quite shiny and nice.

This is a fast C implementation that adds the shader to the list of specular shaders in the GUI.

Tested on Blender 2.79 (latest master commit: 35ee9ff7a00020af016b0bd95a08c82794158cb6) on 64-bit Arch Linux.

Here's a sample render:

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Because Blender internal will be removed in 2.8 I do not think that this should be added just to remove it in a couple of months. (It is too late to get this into 2.79)

I see, thanks for the review Aaron Carlisle.