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FFMPEG: Fix deprecated functions avcodec_alloc_frame and av_free_packet
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Authored by Adam Kalisz (blender_ei) on Jan 27 2018, 12:21 AM.




this is my first patch ever, so please have mercy! :)
I have talked to Sergey on IRC a few hours ago (I was also the one @Bcon17 hoping to add a sound level display to the VSE some day in the future... ...with MingW :D ), so I added him as a Reviewer for this patch.

libMV did not compile for me, due to the function "avcodec_alloc_frame()" being deprecated with the latest FFMPEG version. This patch attempts to fix this while still keeping compatibility with older versions of FFMPEG.

I have used the following sources in order to make sure I get this right:

There is also deprecation related to libPNG version > 1.5 which is blocking compilation. I am not able to solve that at the moment, but would love to at some point.
However, everyone starts small... ...or tiny.

Thank you so much for your time.

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rLMV Libmv