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X input method: Add support for 'over-the-spot' input style
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Authored by Shinsuke Irie (irie) on Feb 10 2018, 9:16 PM.



This is an equivalent of D1570, except that the base branch is blender2.8.
D1570 now causes many conflicts when merging master into blender2.8 branch.

What this patch changes:

  • Use over-the-spot style with XIM if available
  • Don't dispatch keyboard events to XIM server if not doing text input
  • Generalise API to use 'XIM'/'IME' only in GHOST_*X11/Win32, respectively

Also fix some issues:

  • Correct location of Win32 IME's candidate window near the bottom of screen
  • Draw cursor in console_draw_string(), not in console_textview_line_color()

Diff Detail

rB Blender
blender2.8_xim (branched from blender2.8)
Build Status
Buildable 2571
Build 2571: arc lint + arc unit