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Image : Frame Buffer > Slot system update and slot comparisons
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Authored by Lucas Boutrot (thornydre) on Jun 20 2018, 12:34 AM.
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First bit of this proposal :

At the moment I set up the buttons so it made me play a bit with the code, now I am working on having a functional "Push" button.

  • UI buttons
  • Offset all the slots with the Push button
  • Make Auto Push after render work
  • Change slot attribute when toggle "Compare With"
  • Implement the different comparison modes
  • Add icons in the slots lists
  • Add preview thumbnails to the slots list

Known issues:

  • Toggle "Compare With" should have a default value of 1 and it shouldn't reset when we close the Image Editor
  • Version patching existing files
  • Crash sometimes when trying to display a slot

Not related bugs:

  • Actually it crashes when Reload Start-Up file and the image editor is open

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rB Blender

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First step to get the Push button working

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I have the Push Button working for the slots, but at the moment to "copy" the first slot into the second one, I use RE_SwapResult, because using slot->render = &rres; does not work, is there another function I can use for this ?

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I found a solution, so the frame buffer is now working ! :)

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Auto push working

First step to handle the "Compare With" toggle


It's work in progress code, but just so you're aware, this is not correct. To copy the render result its contents would need to be copied too.

It's probably best to use RE_SwapResult instead though, to move the render result from the renderer to the render slot. This only works when the render is done, but I think that's ok.

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Use RE_SwapResult again, and now J key is used to compare between the compared slot and the current render result (looking for comparing with last displayed slot instead)

Move compare_slot from SpaceImage to Image so that it does not reset when Image Editor is closed.

Have to find a way to access SpaceImage from rna_image.c rna_render_slots_active_index_set to handle the toggle when we click on the list in the N panel instead of the heade's list. Maybe I should move compare_with to Image too ?

Make compare_slot = 1 by default again (needed to change since it is part of Image now and not SpaceImage) and clear Render slot when it is pushed.

I would like to start working on manipulator for the slider, and on image drawing to test the difference comparison mode now.