Tiled Voronoi Noise : Cycles, Eevee and OSL
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Authored by Charlie Jolly (charlie) on Fri, Sep 28, 1:13 AM.


Brecht Van Lommel (brecht)
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This patch adds the following features to Voronoi noise.

+ Tile option, when selected the texture is created using a seamless method.
+ Additional distance metrics.

+ Jitter option. When set to zero this relaxes the voronoi cells. This uses a normal socket so can be set for XYZ axis
+ Coords output. Exposes the coordinates in each cell
+ Cell. Exposes the cell position relative to the input coordinates. This can be used for stained glass window effects.

Known issues:
+ Eeevee seems to not get the same normal inputs when using the built in node normal ui. When set usin a single value or combine XYZ there is no issue.

Diff Detail

rB Blender

Fix tiling when color option is used.

Change tileable option name to periodic. This matches name used in Gabor patch and is more accurate in how the option works relative to scale.