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Authored by Thomas Beck (plasmasolutions) on Nov 20 2018, 10:27 PM.



Ubuntu 18.10 compiles Blender just fine, but crashes on start with the message <jemalloc>: Error in dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "pthread_create"), which is happening due to a faulty jemalloc package.

This commit introduces build options, cmake options and help for jemalloc (we're using the 'dev' branch for now) which should ease the pain for devs under Ubuntu 18.10

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Well, I’d rather avoid adding too much of those 'utility' libraries in install_deps, script is already more than huge… Can't you simply disable WITH_MEM_JEMALLOC option in CMake, for the time being? Afaik that allocator lib is nice to have, but not really critical either, standard glibc one does the job in nearly all cases just as well. ;)

Hi Bastien,

imho, the build script should support new (and of course lazy devs ;) ) by bringing the compilation as close as possible to a release build with default settings - so I tried to just ease the pain. Even more so as I saw more and more questions from newb devs in irc and on Blenderartists popping up about what this jemalloc message means and what they can do to have a successful Blender build. I think it would help save us time and support woes to have an answer ready like "just enable -build-jemalloc" ready for those cases...don't you think? That said, I share your opinion about not having every simple utility lib in there - just in this case I think it makes sense.

Didn't catch you in IRC today, but I'll try tomorrow via irc_on_phone ;)


I don’t think install_deps should try to set-up a full 'release build' environment, we have sergey's script for that. For me, goal of install_deps is rather to set up a valid Blender build env which 'blends' as best as possible in users' system (hence using packages as much as possible), to get Blender building quickly and easily.

So I’d rather just have an option to disable jemalloc (we could even do that automagically by checking Ubuntu's version, or maybe jemalloc package version, I guess?). My point being, let's avoid building something that is not essential to get a full Blender built. ;)

Bastien Montagne (mont29) requested changes to this revision.Jan 30 2019, 8:41 PM

Eeeeh, iirc this has been fixed in another way, right?

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jan 30 2019, 8:41 PM

Hi Bastien,

yes it has - recent versions compile fine again.

Abandoning it...