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Fix T60099: Bevel works incorrectly after spin in 2.8

Authored by Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) on Jan 3 2019, 9:23 PM.



The reason for the bevel not working correctly, was that the first extruded face in the spin was inverted from the rest of the faces.

This was a problem because of the a == 0 check in the operator as it would only invert the first extrusion segment. (So the rest of the extruded segment normals wouldn't line up with the first one)
I don't see why that check would be there. It had it in when the normal flip action was added rB06d4fad31326 .

I'm guessing it made it in by mistake?

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The intention is to be able to force flipping faces for the first extrusion, after that each extrusion should continue to use the winding defined by the edge boundaries of the newly created faces.

OTOH your fix works, looking into it.

Edit, breaks negative spin w/ wire edges, looking into a fix.