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Fix T61814: Metaball basis handling is broken
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Authored by Sebastian Parborg (zeddb) on Feb 23 2019, 6:06 PM.



The logic for handling the basis of the metaball objects were a bit broken before.

Now the basis is no longer locked to be the object which name doesn't end with numbers.
The basis can now arbitrarily be set by depsgraph and the basis will now move to a child on deletion of a basis object.

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Currently we have the following problems.

  • Naming to define object relationships.
  • Settings are expected to be synchronized but often isn't.

The second issue is more of a glitch, but it's still something users run into T61917: Metaball family inherits wrong resolution by deleted metaobject, but new object don`t inherit settings by family.

This patch doesn't resolve issues in this design:

Meta-ball data may be a basis in one scene/object but not another.
The value of MetaBall.is_basis depends on which scene and which object its called with.

Ideally we would drop using naming as a way to define these relationships and use blenders existing object grouping, but this is a bigger project.

Suggest to keep metaballs working as they did in 2.79 unless there is time to replace this naming convention with something better.