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Select Similar UV Faces
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Authored by matc (matc) on May 3 2019, 6:24 PM.
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This essentially extends similar_face_select_exec to be able to work with UV faces, both as selection target and information source.

For area and perimeter there is a data_mode property to select between UV space and Mesh space.

The selection_mode is a hidden property that is set by UV_OT_select_similar and MESH_OT_select_similar accordingly to define whether the selection should happen in the mesh or the uvs.

This was initially based on D2738, which needed to be adapted to multi object edit mode and to use gset and kdtree. This made it soon to look like a copy of similar_face_select_exec, which is the reason why I decided to merge the two.

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matc (matc) created this revision.May 3 2019, 6:24 PM

Updating this diff to incorporate the changes from D5108 to include support for edge selection.

Primarily refactored D5108 to allow data mode fallback without code duplication. Fallback is mesh data when select_similar_operator_has_data_mode returns false. This should be sufficient, as it is unlikely to find data in uv space that can not be found in a similar form on the mesh itself. Otherwise implementing a locked data mode should be feasible.

Setting do_history to false for uvedit_face_select_enable to increase performance. Undo does not seem to be affected by this.